Is a Maschine Jam worth getting to pair with an MK3/+?

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I keep hearing about how everyone loves their Maschine Jam controllers and I was curious what people’s experiences are and how they are using it currently.

  • Does it allow you use it in a standalone setup with a Maschine+?
  • What can it do that an MK3/+ can’t do?
  • Do you use it for triggering scenes in a DJ sort of manner or do you use the faders for device automation?
  • Can I assign a group’s perform FX to each touch strip so that I can have a dedicated strip for a given group?

I don’t really think I’d wanna use the touch strips for adjusting track levels as the touch strips aren’t as accurate as the knobs on the +, but I do like the idea of assigning different parameters to different touch strips.


  • Flexi
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    Yes it works with +

    It offers a few extra controls for live interaction and clip triggering vs the MK3 on its own, but there is also a little duplication.

    Clip triggering and (device?) and faders both work.

    Perform FX was originally designed with Jam in mind, so works with strips.

  • ozon
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    There’s a chapter about the JAM integration.

    IMO it is the second best Expansion for your M+ money can buy. The best being a power bank.

  • Kubrak
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    Sequencing and Piano Roll is way more usable than on MK3/M+.

    It is faster and more straitforward to play with arrangement of section.

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