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Parallel Waveform loading issue

michaelk86 Member Posts: 1 Noise

Parallel waveforms have never fully loaded first time since I started using Traktor Pro 3 in 2020. I've used it on three different Macbooks in that time, currently a new Macbook Pro 14 with 16gb RAM and still having this issue. I have also just updated to Traktor version 3.6

If I zoom in or out of the waveform then it instantly appears in full. Is there a simple fix I am missing? If this is a common bug then I would expect it should be given priority to be fixed in future updates?

Any feedback would be appreciated!




  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 1,865 admin

    Hi @michaelk86 our support team is now helping the Traktor team collect bug reports for Traktor Pro 6. Can you please get in touch with us using this form here? https://bit.ly/n1trakt We'll need more info about your operating system etc.

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