Bug in TP3 - 3.6.0 325 - Duplicate entries in collection



  • jerome
    jerome Member Posts: 3 Member

    Hello. Is there anything new about this bug?

    I have a bug related to special characters, not sure whether that's the same.

    I'm using Traktor Pro on Windows, and since the upgrade to 3.6.x (that I made yesterday, at the same time I upgraded to Windows 11), Traktor is unable to access files from my iTunes collection (which it always did successfully).

    Traktor is not correctly converting Unicode characters in my file paths.

    Here is what happens when I try to play a file that contains a ö in its path

    Its entry in my iTunes Music Library.xml is "<key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/C:/Users/J%C3%A9r%C3%B4me/Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Media/Music/Ben%20B%C3%B6hmer/Unknown%20Album/Decade%20(feat%20Jan%20Blomqvist).mp3</string>"

    That's not a bug in the display, Traktor is really trying to open a file with these garbled characters, that's not a display issue. Here is a screenshot from Procmon, a utility that tracks all file opening attempts:

    Is this the same bug as ticket #3437096 (which I am not sure where to find)? Should I open a new bug report?


  • Jayrock79
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    I think that many users have subscribed too, but since there has been no response so far, there seems to be no plan for this. 😔

    And still no Update. 😟

  • jerome
    jerome Member Posts: 3 Member

    For those who could be interested, I made a program that works around the issue (by converting the iTunes Music Library.xml to a format that Traktor understands)

    Download it and read instructions at https://github.com/daladim/plist-tools

  • jerome
    jerome Member Posts: 3 Member

    For Traktor devs: really, you should fix this issue.

    I'm not sure how deprecated iTunes 12 is on Windows (but I'm keeping it for reasons). I'm not sure how legal it is to percent-escape chars in an XML declared as UTF-8, but as you can see:

    • iTunes is generating an XML (that starts with <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>) yet that contains percent-escaped UTF-8 chars (e.g. <key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/C:/Users/J%C3%A9r%C3%B4me/...</string>
    • Traktor is decoding them as Latin-1 instead of UTF-8

    Fixing this in Traktor would be really simple! Again, please tell me in case I'm complaining in the wrong forum and that I should create an issue in some bug tracker that I did not manage to find.


  • Svensk
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    Hey is there something new ...? I would like to use the new Traktor :-(

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