Bug in TP3 - 3.6.0 325 - Duplicate entries in collection



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    Observed the same problem after my upgrade to 3.6 with german umlauts.

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    I had a similar issue.

    Entries got duplicated when dragging songs between playlists in Traktor and Music.app. Some (not all) of the entries got duplicated in Traktor when dragging for music.app to Traktor. The same happened the other way round, so when I dragged songs from Traktor to a music.app playlist, music.app duplicated some of the tracks in its library.

    I use music.app to manage my songs. First, I used Traktors preferences to point the software to music.app´s music folder. I observed, that when opening the music.app-node in Traktor, not all files had the "imported to Traktor collection"-icon. When I imported the "missing" tracks, all these tracks got duplicated although the files where already in Traktor´s collection. After this messed up my whole collection, I made a clean install. This time, I did not use Traktor´s prefs to link to my music folders. Instead, I opened the music.app-node in Traktor and imported all songs. Then, all tracks showed the "imported to Traktor"-icon, but when dragging songs from Traktor to a music.app playlist, the entries got duplicated in music.app.

    All duplicated entries link to the same file, so it's not the file that got duplicated, it's only the entry in the collection/library.

    In my case, I did not observe that this happens to special characters like "Umlaute".

    I managed to erase the older entries in each collection and kept the new entries. Maybe this ist the reason, why I cannot reproduce the issue, at the moment.

    This issue was already present in the beta of 3.6. Someone filed a bug report in the beta bugs thread and just some days before the beta thread was closed, I commented in that thread, that the issue still persists in RC1.

    I would like to suggest, to leave the Bug thread accessible also during non-beta-phase. Maybe like "Traktor Ideas"-thread. So people with the same problem can gather and try to narrow done the issues and help NI to find and solve the problem. The current situation is a bit confusing, although everything got merged in this thread.

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    Monterey 12.5.1 / TraktorPro 3.6

    Never activated file vault.

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    Also created support tickets for you @Owner @c0nsul

    Thank you so much for all the details @c0nsul. For bug reports related to an official release, we agreed with the Traktor team to send them over to our support team instead since running a support tool will help us narrow down an issue better. But I hear you. I guess what you're looking for is a more visible "known bugs" section.

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  • Herrr Stuke
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    Same problem here with German language....

    Traktor 3.6.0 325 on MBP 2015/Monterey.

    It effected a whole folder, I finally renamed the folder from "Künstler" to "Kuenstler", Checked Consistency and pointed all the missing tracks to the new folder.

    Never the less there are still files with special characters that are doubled - as already discribed.


    Please fix the Bug.


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    Good news, the hot fix is ​​here. Many thanks to the Traktor Team for that! Just downloaded and installed it from native access. Looks good so far. Entries with umlauts are no longer duplicated when loaded into a deck.

    However, the play count and the import date are no longer correct for some songs that were previously duplicated. As an example, a screenshot of a track that no longer exists twice in the collection, but the new problem mentioned has occurred.

    Furthermore, the bitrate of the song on the screenshot is probably wrong. But I never paid attention to that before. It may well have always been the case. I think an m4a from the iTunes store should be 256kbps and not 261kbps.

    I'm also pretty sure I lost an auto loop cue point with the example of Peter Fox and the m4a.

    By the way: The second screenshot also shows that the umlauts and special characters in the path/file name still cannot be displayed correctly. This is particularly problematic with WAV or AIFF files, because special characters (e.g. ampersands AND = & / or apostrophe = ') are not correctly accepted and the title then usually comes out a bit strange after importing.

  • Friedemann_NI
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    @Owner - thanks for reporting back.

    3.6.1 is fixing the main issue, which was an actual bug in how we stored the data in the Collection.nml. This is now solved, the Collection.nml no longer has duplicate entries and the duplicates created are removed.

    Unfortunately the Play Count information is handled differently from other metadata (like Hot Cues) in TRAKTOR, which lead to losing the Play Count for tracks that had been affected by the duplicated bug in 3.6.0.

    The easiest would be to re-import your collection from version 3.5 directly into 3.6.1. But for the case that you have already created relevant amounts of new metadata in version 3.6.0 we will create a knowledge base article with a step-by-step instruction for restoring the Play Count information for selected tracks from your 3.5 collection.

    We are also aware of what your second observation: special characters are still not correctly displayed in the displayed File Path which will also affect searches in File Path. We will address this issue in a second step. The good news is, that this is only a representational/visual issue, so the underlying data is correct.

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    Thanks @Friedemann_NI for the explanation, I will therefore import my collection from TP 3.5.2 again. Also very good that you will write a knowledge article.

    I would be happy if you addressed the other observations with the file handling soon.

  • Jayrock79
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    Unfortunately, the problem has not been fixed.

    After the update to 3.6.1 the tracks with special characters and umlauts are still duplicated when importing the musicfolders.

    Have you just tried to build a workaround for the collection import?

  • Svensk
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    the error persists (although not with all songs - äöü ´`etc.) and therefore 3.6.X is not usable :-(

    (In Traktor you still see an o+space instead of e.g. ö - as announced, this should be fixed in a further step ...)

    Test made: Parallel in 3.5.3 new import made 14 songs and in 3.6.1 around 150 ... (less than in 3.6.0)

    Unfortunately, my ticket #3425822 has been closed...

    Greetings Sven

  • EddieAllFlow
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    The duplicate file issues might have been solved in version 3.6.1, but the tracks that were duplicated miss metadata and are now labeled as imported at the day of the update.

    That is very annoying. I have decided to roll back to 3.5.3 first and then updating to 3.6.1 to avoid a corrupt Traktor collection. Luckily I keep backups of collections of a few recent versions, just in case something happens like this. I am pleased I did not have a gig in between and loose the metadata of that gig.

    Bug noticed in 3.6.1 is that smart Playlist count 0 files.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Svensk @EddieAllFlow can you please get in touch with our support team again so we can have a closer look?

  • Allan_NI
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    Hey @Jayrock79 how are you doing, can you please give me a grief detail of how you imported the music folders and some of the directory names with the characters? Thank you

    Hey @Svensk hope you are well, could you also give the some details on your import work flow and the folder names/ files that have the duplicates? Thank you

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