MIDI Map Menu - No duplicate entries.

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Hey all!

I have a nut I've been trying to crack all day.

I have a panel with 24 menus so that a user can assign MIDI notes to drum articulations. It's all functioning beautifully except for one thing:

I'd like to make it so that there are no duplicate entries. IE: If the Snare is set to MIDI Note 38 (D1), and someone tries to map the Kick to 38 (D1), the Snare would reset to 0. I'm trying to get this to function across all menus.

I've tried creating an array and storing all of the menu ID's in that, and then looping through it to check if there are any matching values, and then re-setting the matching value to 0, but nothing I've tried has worked. I'm at a complete loss.


  • Reid115
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    Post your code that isn't working.

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