NI KK S-Series Keyboard + VEP + USB over IP box?

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Has anyone with NI S-series keyboards, plugged it into a USB over IP box, like......

...into their switch/LAN and pointed that to their VEP server over their network? Does it come up and function as if was connected directly to the DAW?

Currently running VEP 7 + NI M32 controller, which works fine, but, am thinking of upgrading to an S88 to get some of the KK + NKS Integration control.




  • JesterMgee
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    Im gonna go out on a limb and suggest that no, it will not work (either at all or very well) and doubtful anyone has bothered to try.

    I wouldn't hold out any hope for it working on any kind of USB/IP device as these are usually designed to allow remote connection of things like storage devices, printers and such that is not "realtime" critical. Even if it ws detected i'd guess there would be some delay making it unsuitable but I have not tested that model, just similar things in the past for different applications.

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