Jam pattern buttons don't correlate in Song mode?

Peter Harris
Peter Harris Member Posts: 454 Pro
edited August 2022 in Maschine

Unless I'm missing a setting option somewhere, I have noticed that when the Maschine Jam is playing back a project in Song mode, the pattern buttons don't seem to change to reflect the currently active pattern in each group in the current position of the song being played back. But it would certainly be helpful if it did because it would be a nice visual representation of the currently active patterns across the groups that you could watch change as the song progresses. I'm sure many of us have our Jams right in front of our M+'s or MK3's and I often look up expecting to see that on the controller but instead it seems to show what would be active in Ideas mode.

I know that development is not officially continuing on the Jam but I do see that occasionally minor tweaks are made to functionality in updates and this would be a nice one! 🙏


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