How to loop sample to infinity without holding the pad

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Good evening,

I have recently bought the Maschine+ and it works great. I just cannot find one thing, that is important to me. I want to import sample, then press pad with this sample and it should loop to infinity, without holding the pad.

When I set the sample as One-shot, it cannot be looped. When ADSR, I have to hold it. And when AHD, it plays max for 7 seconds.

Is there even that option? I watched this video: where he is looping drum sample and he has exactly the behaviour I need - drum sample is playing again and again without holding the pad. How could I achieve this? Thank you!

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    In the video, the sample is not looping indefinitely. He's hitting at the beginning at the loop and then he records the pattern by hitting the pad at the beginning of the loop/bar.

  • D-One
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    You only have to hold it if the Audio Plug is in Gate mode, set it to Loop and it will loop forever as long as it's activated in the current Pattern and the Project is playing. If the Audio Plug is inactive do what Jeremy said.


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