Running two instances of Maschine at the same time for Live Performance

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Good day everybody!

I am preparing a new concert of my project, and so far I had a very good configuration. I use everything from REAPER and have the Maschine software as a VST, using my Komplete Kontrol S49 keyboard to play the different synths and sounds. To do this, I have different sounds in a single group in maschine and with Komplete Kontrol I select the one that I most want to play live while the bases from Reaper sound in the background.

Now, I want to make some changes and, having my Maschine Hardware, I would like to be able to play those sounds from one Group with my KK keyboard and be able to create patterns and loops with Maschine from another Group independently at the same time. Obviously, from a single instance of Maschine it can't be done, but I found this post:

This would solve my problem, but I am not seeing a way to do it with Windows, nor how to configure my KK keyboard from Maschine as Standalone and the Hardware Maschine in the VST from Reaper.

It would be great if from within the Komplete Kontrol software I could easily jump between sounds like in Maschine and have them ready so I don't have to open the library and search for them while performing live. Does anyone use both hardware simultaneously to play different sounds live from each one?

EDIT: Just found out about the INSTANCE button on KK. Remember to read the instructions manual ALWAYS!! This saved me!

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