More than 16 custom event parameters

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Currently, you can have only up to 16 values stored with $EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM. Unfortunately, my program is really complicated and needs probably double that for most events. I need the parameters so that I can communicate a lot of information between the NCB and the LCB (a lot of weird per-voice modulation stuff). I'm essentially trying to create a C struct for events... I can't do something with polyphonic variables (which are only visible in NCB/RCB anyways) because there will be many independent events fired within a single NCB call. The best solution I can come up with is as follows:

on init
    declare polyphonic $new_id
    declare polyphonic $tmp_idx
    define MAX_VOICES := 500
    declare %EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_16[MAX_VOICES] := (0)
    declare %EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_17[MAX_VOICES] := (0)
    declare %EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_18[MAX_VOICES] := (0)
    declare %EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_50[MAX_VOICES] := (0)
end on

on note
    new_id := play_note(...)

    // Note that next available spot will be the same in all arrays, so im just using CUSTOM_16.
    tmp_idx := next available spot in %EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_16
    set_event_par_arr(new_id, EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM, tmp_idx, 0)
    EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_16[tmp_idx] := something
    EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_17[tmp_idx] := something
    EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_18[tmp_idx] := something
    EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_50[tmp_idx] := something
end on

on listener
    if EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM_35[get_event_par_arr(some_event_id, EVENT_PAR_CUSTOM, 0)] = something
        // do something
    end if
end on

Has anyone ever done this before? Any ideas for a more elegant/efficient solution? Thanks 😵


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    Yeah the only way to do this if 16 event pars is not enough is to have your own data structures to handle additional parameters with.

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