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Idea for a tweak in Traktor's audio preferences

Mikey 3000
Mikey 3000 Member Posts: 30 Sine

I don't know how niche this request is… I might be the only person that wants it!

I am primarily a guitarist, and have a Helix Powercab 212 that might make a nice main sound system for my Traktor DJ mixer at a house party or whatever if I used it in 'flat' mode.

But, I realised yesterday, if I connect my MacBook Pro to the amp over USB, it will happily send all the audio from the computer except Traktor's main output.

That's because it can only have one 'audio interface' setting in the Traktor prefs – if I flip that preference to the amp I get glorious sound in the room but no headphones so I can't mix.

If there were two fields in Traktor's prefs – one to use the controller and another to send FOH sound to an external amp that would be just ace.

In the meantime, I'm sure I can rig up an analogue cable to get that function but it's just not as slick.

What do you think? Possible? Worthwhile?

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