My Maschine+ Wishlist



  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 555 Guru

    Nice ideas but not sure if these arent well out of the scope NI has in mind for Maschine. They seem to consider the platform "mature", at least based on the glacial pace of updates.

  • felipeazucares
    felipeazucares Member Posts: 26 Member

    Thanks all for your thoughts on wishlists: makes for an interesting read.

    Mine is pretty short actually:

    1) Kontakt support to load custom instruments

    2) Better integration for M+ and computer - the current process, switching to storage mode and shunting things backwards and forwards is incredibly time consuming, clumsy and error prone.

    3) Related to 2 - VST3 support - having to go through every plug in that you're going to move to the M+ and switch to VST2 is a royal pain in the butt. I'd even be happy with a just having a "Save for M+" option in the software that did this for you.

    4) MIDI Program change support: a) being able to send program changes to MIDI outs when you switch groups b) ability to create/edit MIDI program control messages and embed them into clips on the M+ itself, currently only way to do this is on the software and then get it on to the M+ via storage mode.

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