External / Internal hybrid possible in Traktor?

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I have 2 channel mixer currently and 2 stereo output sound card. Is there anyway I can map faders on my controller for C and D so that I can gradually introduce volume when its on external mode.

So in a perfect world it would be A and B to external and C and D to internal but for C and D to come out sonically through A and B on the mixer but so that I could control the volume on the faders of my Korg Nano Kontrol Studio. I know I am probably asking too much!

I searched on the topic but found nothing.

Many thanks in advance!



  • boredatwork
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    so i might have misunderstood but i'll give it a go.

    cos you only have two channels on the mixer but want 4 channels in total you almost want to 'sum' a+c and b+d so they come out of channels 1+2 on your mixer?

    IF thats right i think you have two jobs to do.

    1: assign the faders on the nano as you outlined.

    2: assign the outputs in the audio section of traktor so the chanel are assigned as i described about.

    I cant guarantee how it will work but logicially it should. what you'll need to think about is how would you fade out audio from say deck b if you have deck d playing. Arguably you could just map all 4 decks faders to the nano and forego the mixers faders?

    hope that helps

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    hey @boredatwork ,

    Thank you so much for your reply and suggestion. The problem I have is that to assign decks to channels I have to have the mixer mode on external but that makes the mixer section greyed out. That means I can no longer assign the midi volume faders to C and D.

    The reason I do want it on external mode is because I would like to use the EQs and mixer FX on Deck A channel 1 and Deck B channel 2.

    In an ideal world I would have a 4 stereo (8mono) sound card and a 4 channel mixer to cope with C and D but because I don't they all have come out of either channel 1 or 2. That would be ok but of course if Deck A is at full volume and I want to introduce Deck C to that channel it will just come blaring out at full volume as well. There seems no way to midi control the volume internally. I wondered if there might be hack somehow but I have a feeling I am asking for the impossible!

  • boredatwork
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    ah ofc that makes sense - you can't split between internal and external. sorry it didnt occur to me.

  • cazco
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    ah thats ok @boredatwork I appreciate your time, wishing you a beautiful rest of your day!

  • Patch
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    Have you tried mapping the faders? You need to confirm if they’re greyed out and in-mappable, or, just greyed out…

  • cazco
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    @Patch apologies for the slow reply, Ive been away, no I didn't consider that...I will try!

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