How Traktor Pro 3 works with audio files?

dr.Tom Member Posts: 13 Member

So, I have S4 mk3 controller with traktor pro 3 soft.

And I want to connect external cd drive to my laptop, because I dont like streaming, usb, etc - I want to start dj-ing direct from cd source.

If I load song in deck A from cd, and remove cd in half song because I want another cd- will traktor stop playing or song will be in memory, so it can be played when I change my cd?

Is it possible to use just one cd drive, maybe traktor pro have buffer for audio cd's?

What you think about dj-ing direct from orginal cd, not streaming from beatport or usb stick with downloaded buyed songs?

CDPool have 60 cd bundle for only 170 euro, this is ok price.



  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,018 Expert

    I would just rip the CDs to mp3/flac on put them on your disk. No need to put them on a USB stick. Wut?

    Traktor, or any DJ software just is not optimized for CDs. And it's a hassle to change the CDs all the times. Like you found out.

    Or buy an older CDJ that can read the CDs.

  • dr.Tom
    dr.Tom Member Posts: 13 Member

    Problem is law in Croatia - if I use original CD or vinly - I dont need to pay additional taxes to our music service in country, calling Zamp.

    But if I buy CD, and rip that CD to my PC - I need to pay additional 200 euro of taxes/per year.

    Mp3, flac, waw - all that is non legit copy from original audio source.

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