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This may be a daft question, but anyway....

I recently switched PC, and my old one had Maschine v1.8.2 Software. On this, you could save Patterns, and I did this all the time.

I've downloaded Maschine onto my new PC, but it is version 2.15.2 and it seems you cant do this now ? Basically, I had old projects where if I open them, I can't see all the patterns I used before, and there's no way to load them ?

This seems a very fundemental change in the way it works - is this right ? Or am I just missing something ?




  • PK The DJ
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    I agree it seems really odd (to me) that patterns are not separate things, but are tied to a group.

    To me, patterns should be separate and available to any group.

    If I load a group and like the sounds, I might think it'd work really well with that pattern I made last week. Well, where is that pattern? Oh I can't search for it.

    I have to remember the name of the group it was in instead, then load that group in order to get to the pattern. Then I have to figure out how to copy the pattern from one group to another (assuming that can be done).

    For example I'd like to make a bunch of patterns in different styles, then save them as patterns so I can browse them and load an appropriate style to the group I'm using.

    I'm on a Maschine+ by the way, so I can't even use MIDI files to get around this limitation.

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    it seems really odd (to me) that patterns are not separate things, but are tied to a group.

    Since Patterns concern all Sounds of a Group, and a Group can contain a random collection of (up to 16 tuned or untuned) Sounds, a Pattern without the respective Sounds may become pretty meaningless. Therefore it can be argued that Patterns naturally belong to the Group.

    However, there are many practical situations where export and import of Patterns would be useful, also for just a single Sound.

    Maybe we should have an additional entity: A Sequence for a single Sound.

  • awol9000
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    Patterns were discontinued with Maschine 2.0 (with the addition of midi file support). I have no idea why they thought that was a good idea, I loved importing random patterns into kits.

  • PK The DJ
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    I've been considering a workaround, which is:

    Create groups which are just used as storage for patterns of a particular style - so for example I could put a bunch of House patterns together in a group (without sounds) and name that group "House Patterns" so that I can find it easily.

    Then If I load up a group that has cool sounds and I want to load one of those House patterns, it's easy to find and copy the relevant pattern coz I know where they are.

  • D-One
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    This has been requested many, many times.

    They just removed it for no apparent reason and never added it back, I would love to be able to only load patterns mainly because if you're organized and place your drums in the same Pads then you could try a bunch of pre-saved stored patterns... Most software that has Patterns and step sequencing offer this. 😡

    The only workaround is to export MIDI but you can't browse MIDI from the browser or tag it.

  • ozon
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    … and you can neither export nor import MIDI on the M+.

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    I find this a reasonable request. Any comments from the House?

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    Waiting for this feature - apparently.

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