Help with Kontakt 3 (yes, 3) install on Win10? Installed, won't open.

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Hello all,

I am, for reasons too numerous to get into now, trying to finally install a copy of Kontakt 3 I bought years ago onto a Windows 10 machine. I have the discs. I installed the program, and it seemed to work. The libraries didn't install right after the first one did, so I created folders and copied contents.

I have a shortcut to Kontakt 3 on the desktop, but when I click on it, nothing happens. It LOOKS like it's trying to open but nothing does. Shouldn't it open as a stand alone? I am thinking I don't need the Player. Is that wrong?

I am using Reaper, and when I try to add a Virtual Instrument to a new track, Reaper does not see the install of Kontakt. Researching this online, I found I might need to tell Reaper where the dll is. Found it, created a path to it, hit re-scan, and got an error that the 16out.dll was hanging. No mention of the other 2 .dll's in the same folder, so I'm hoping they read. Unfortunately, Reaper still won't see Kontakt.

What am I missing? Should I uninstall and restart? Is the answer to upgrade to 6 and forget this? I'd rather save the $$, but if the easiest, best way to do this is to move on, so be it.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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