Can't play The Grandeur Virtual Piano with Yamaha P-45

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Hello, guys i am new here and i have some question about The Grandeur.

I have a numerical piano Yamaha P-45 and i wanted increased the quality of the sound with a great piano.

I bought kontakt and The Grandeur.

All work perfectly but when im playing on my p45 the sound dont look so great, like nothing change just the sound of the p45.

But when i press keyboard input on the Grandeur (the virtual keyboard down to kontakt ) the sound are insane and deep.

Someone know how i can have this sound when im pressing my p45 input ?



  • ShelLuser
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    Your question is a little bit too vague to comment on... we need more info.

    I looked up the P45 and I assume you connected it to your PC through USB? So how are you using Kontakt? Stand alone or inside a DAW of some sorts?

    My assumption (!) is that when you press the keys on your P45 they don't register on your PC and as such you only get the sounds from the P45 and not those from Kontakt.

    Assuming Kontakt stand-alone: check the options (see the File menu), then open the MIDI tab: is the P45 listed there and actually enabled?

    When playing your P45 be sure to keep an eye out for this indicator:

    Is that lighting up? If not then your problem is caused with Kontakt not getting any actual MIDI input.

  • Jecurl
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    Hello, thank you for your help.

    Yes my p45 are usb connected to my pc.

    On kontakt i got the midi connexion and the link work fine. I can see the P45 input working.

    Also i can configure the grandeur and modify the sound of the p45 ont the grandeur all work fine. But my problem are, when i press the keyboard on down off kontakt the sound are beautiful and deep.

    When i press MY p45 the sound are low and not good as the down keyboard.

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