Traktor does not load at all

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I have bought Xone 43C and installed original drivers for its soundcard. WIthout them, Windows installed their own drivers, but in Traktor, the mixer looked only as having one stereo in and out and it should have 4 of them. After installing the original Xone drivers, my Traktor (3.5.3) does not even start. When Xone was connected, the Traktor Window opened only as blank white screen, no GUI content and it got stuck. I uninstalled Xone, I reinstalled Traktor (without completely uninstalling it) but it does not load any more. Not even with my Audio 6 connected, which always worked in the past, when I had similar issues with small Numark controller with integrated soundcard. I always have to kill the Traktor by CRL+ALT+DEL., when it gets stuck. I think the software might be looking for some drivers, which are not there or there is some driver conflict or something like that... WIthout Audio 6 connected, the Traktor GUI pops up, but not completely, the visual interfarce is visible but the library does not want to load ant it gets stuck again (it looks loading forever)... What should I do? The software wont start at all. To operate with Audio 6 is my priority, but of course I would like it to work with XONE 43C as well, if possible... Thanks a lot. Josef



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    "Without them, Windows installed their own drivers"

    You need to remove those first completely, then install the Xone drivers.

    Go to Control Panel / Device Manager, click on "View" and select "show hidden devices".

    Then have a look at "Sound, video and game controllers" and "Universal Serial Bus controllers", and completely uninstall ANYTHING that is not relative to your existing hardware. After that, proceed to install your drivers.

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    If traktor does not start, try moving the settings files.

    C: > Users > *Username* > Documents > Native Instruments > Traktor *Version Number*

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    Based only on what's written, I'd assume that Windows is just installing/using WASAPI, which is perfectly normal.

    It's not specifically for the Xone - it's just Windows default driver. The Microsoft version of ASIO, but generic.

    It shouldn't cause problems and shouldn't be uninstalled. It should just run alongside any dedicated ASIO driver.

    @Synaptik what exactly did you install for the Xone? I see on the A&H website there's "PC Device Software" which is the latest version. The "drivers" download (from 2018) is the previous version.

    Did you also follow the installation instructions in the PDF?

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    Hey @Synaptik, do you have any update on this issue? Let us know if you've made any findings.

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