MK3: How to get rid of a loop

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Hello folks,

I put a loop into my chain and I can't get rid of it.

This is how it looks.

And if I press the "SHIFT" key, you can see that the "remove" function is not lit up.

I've had this a few times with various other things, not necessarily loops, getting rid of something in the first slot seems to be difficult, it must be user error though. It's easy to remove from any slot after the first one just by clicking the "SHIF" button and "remove".

Thanks for your help.............again πŸ™„ Sorry for all of the questions, you must think I'm a total plank πŸ˜•


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    Answer βœ“

    It's because it is the first loaded device in the chain.... the instrument is why you can't delete it.

    You instead just replace it. Load a NKS preset for an instrument or a different loop and it will be replaced as you can only load 1 instrument.


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