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looking for a good keyboard with arpeggiator for maschine studio

janvdc Member Posts: 18 Sine
edited July 2022 in Maschine


I am looking for a good keyboard with arpeggiator for maschine studio.

Arpeggiator is important to me,,i got the S61 komplete keyboard,but returned it,the arpeggiator don't work in the maschine studio software,is for the komplete Kontrol software.

So any idees?




  • tribepop
    tribepop Member Posts: 110 Tri

    Sorry this is late to the party but I recommend the Novation LaunchKey MK3 49 or 61 key version as it has an awesome arpeggiator. It has a knob for adjusting the timing of the notes and how often they play as well as a knob for adding variation to the actual notes that can be played so you can use it in a generative way.

    You also might want to consider just upgrading to a Maschine MK3 since the updates to the arp and chord modes are pretty powerful (although there’s still no generative functions like the LaunchKey).

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