Best workflow for export audio for my needs!

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I am using Maschine just as Sketch-Book!

The whole arranger/daw-trys are not mine...

However, i´m "sketching" lot of patterns for different groups.

What i want is the easiest way to export ALL patterns as seperate "patterns/clips... not as 1-222 bars stem". just ALL the seperatetd 1-4 Bars pattern...from different groups in ONE action as EXPORT folder, wich export-batch all this stuff namend (A)-xy-kit - Sound (normally Kick xy) 1 -Pattern 1... Pattern 9 (if i for THIS group Export "TRACK separate" have activated ) or C- (my group name) Group Pattern 1-3(if i for THIS group Export GROUP have activated )

If have 14 Drum patterns (Group A), 6 GroupB Patterns, 3 Group C.... iwant to batch export all this (For A as seperate Tracks" for the rest as Group", but just ONLY as much patterns are in there. I just want the real EXIZTING patterns for each Group as SEPERATE File )To use as Clip/Region/Loop how ever your DAW this files mames...) . I get 8 group A -Patterns and 6 group B -Patterns and 3 group C -Patterns and so on. NO STEM, just "clips"....

MASCHINE scenes and even Maschine "arrange"... that confussed me, and i NEVER need /use this "giveaways" - i want my SKETCH as sepearte files/as "clips" in BWS for more....

BTW: it would be nice if could ALSO export the midi-files for selected tracks in ONE export action into that FOLDER! But i guess there is no option, is it?

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