Looking for traditional instruments selection - Reaper is my DAW

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(Note: I understand Komplete is VST for Reaper (or at least used to be) from using free version and Guitar Rig back in Reaper 4.x era.)

But I am unsure about which package, if any, from Native Instruments to select.

Intent is to generate WAV or MP3 for Roland Keyboard to play as additional accompaniment. Genre is 80s-90s Southern rock/Nashville for cover band.

Currently using Reaper 6.x on win11 laptop

Desired instruments include sax, rock and jazz guitar, and bass guitar. Other horns or woodwinds would be a bonus for jazz. Unlikely to use all the synth and sampling features offered these days, just want out of the box instruments to compose with. Ready to shell out but overwhelmed with analysis paralysis. Can this even be done?

Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Chuck Y.



  • Blindeddie
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    The Kontakt Factory Library includes all those instruments and more... the only way to get the KFL is to purchase the full version of Kontakt.

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    Yes, I get that. But NI does not explicitly point out which offering of Komplete 13 includes the Full (vs free) Kontact 6 Player. Or for that matter, which of the many Komplete 13 offerings has what you are calling the Kontact Factory Library.

    Best I can tell is that the currently offered $399 version of Komplete 13 fits these conditions at lowest cost, giving me the non -free version of the Kontact Vs 6.

    A simple comparison chart would benefit both potential customers and NI.

  • Tech Noid
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    Thanks blindeddie. As a noob I have no standing to make suggestions but perhaps you can use your clout to persuade NI to show “What’s In the Box” lists with each of the many products on the web page.

  • Blindeddie
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    edited July 2022

    Bundles : Komplete 13 : Compare | Komplete (native-instruments.com)

    the link to this is right on the product page.

    K13, K13 Ultimate and K13 Ultimate CE offer the full version of Kontakt. K13 Select offers player only.

    you can also purchase the Kontakt Full for 199 and it comes with the Factory Library

    Samplers : Kontakt 6 | Komplete (native-instruments.com)

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