CDJ3000 - Traktor HID Mode: additional browse columns?

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I'm using HID mode on a CDJ3000 with Traktor Pro 3.5.2, which works fine, but the 'Browse' columns on the CDJ3000's display seem to be limited to only Artist - Track, BPM & Open Key notation.

Is there a way to add additional Traktor fields to the CDJ's Browse display?

Namely the 'Comments' field in Traktor as this contains the Camelot Wheel musical key notation from Mixed in Key analysis.

PS I posted this already on Pioneer forums and they stated to contact NI to request additional display options:



  • Wyley
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    Can you post a pic of your Traktor browser? You can try to move the comment column in Traktor to appear after the track column and see if the cdj display reflects it. It's a shot in the dark.

  • axent
    axent Member Posts: 2 Member

    Thanks for the reply. I tried doing that already. It seems the only track data sent from Traktor to the CDJ in HID is fixed to Artist - Track, BPM & Open Key notation, regardless of column order in the software.

    I've used MIK Camelot for many years now and don't want to move away from it so if I can't see the 'Comments' column HID is sadly redundant for me.

    I don't know if this can be configured somehow to show additional columns?

  • Kurgan
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    Ditto, seems ridiculous...

  • dj_karlp
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    +1 for getting Comments into HID display, or the Key Text (MIK format).

    Some column selection configuration would be ideal.

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