Selecting "section" mode on Mikro Mk3 does not immediately switch software display...

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When I select "section" mode on my Mikro Mk3, the controller immediately switches to that mode, but the software display on my Mac does not immediately switch to the "section" display... it only does so at the next event which is, for example, by pressing a controller's pad. THEN the computer switches its display. Everything works properly, but it seems to me that the software should switch its context in sync with the controller, which it doesn't strictly do. Is this by design?

I can imagine that the application designers didn't want to persist a section-mode's detailed properties when exiting that mode, and then need to retrieve those properties when the mode is next invoked. However, short of my thinking the design through on their behalf, it would seem that there may be a suitable way to make the switch in sync, while still requiring the next defining event, such as a pad press.

Regardless of my musing over future changes, can someone confirm that the behavior I am seeing is "as designed" or "as experienced" by other users, of this great product?



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    I could be wrong but this was something that disappointed me when my MaschineStudio stopped functioning. The feature was available on MaschineStudio. Remember pretty much every action performed on the device was also displayed by the Maschine 2 software.

    For now things are as you say on Maschine Mikro. Would be nice to have for live performances, after getting Maschine Mikro I figured that the more you pay for their product the more features are available. This one should be added to the Mikro for live performances.

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