Getting a Maschine+ like experience with a micro desktop

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I've been after a way to be able to use my Dell Micro and Maschine Mk3 like a Maschine+ (but with the added bonus of VSTs and a much beefier CPU).

It all started when I found my USB to HDMI adapter (that had worked on all my other machines) was failing to output during a session at a project studio I'd hired that evening.

It left me with no way to see what I was doing.

But I managed to successfully log into my Windows account, start Maschine, and create a new track without the output from a monitor (other than what's displayed on the Maschine device).

I took this a step further in a later session by configuring Windows to launch Maschine as soon as I log into my account.

I did a 6-hour rehearsal and recording session last week and everyone just assumed I had a Maschine+, so this setup is definitely working.

Now I will install some more software to give me an option to use my tablet as a screen mirror in case I find myself in a position where screen access is a must.

Saving files was tricky because Maschine requires you to input filenames with a keyboard. My workaround was to use Save as Copy, which ensures you are saving to a new file.

So far I've been able to confirm that Maschine is pretty usable in a sort of "headless mode" to give you a pretty convincing Maschine+-like experience.



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    UPDATE: I got a little 7" low-res touchscreen (and a portable 14" HD tablet-like screen). It was great using it live as well because it meant I could also use all of my VSTs properly.

    This gives me a vastly super experience compared to Maschine+ IMHO as I get a much more powerful device with a screen and VST support for the full Maschine experience.

    Adding the screen begs the question: why not a laptop? Honestly, my main motivation was just that I'd probably have to spend an extra £300-500 to get a laptop with comparable performance and good airflow for longevity.

    However, I didn't just get one screen. I also got a 10" HD screen but didn't realize its mounting screw sockets were housed in a box that was about 2cm deep. Add the cost of the Uber to collect it and could have just got a really nice laptop for the same price 🤦‍♂️

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