Maschine headless mode (feature request)

Avasopht Member Posts: 14 Member
edited June 2022 in Maschine

It would be great if there was a Maschine mode that could allow it to be used like Maschine+ when I plug in a Maschine device.

When in headless mode, it could be active as a tray icon when started, loading plugins, etc. in the background.

In this mode it should be more forgiving when a Maschine is plugged in or removed (for instance, you shouldn't have any issues with it connecting to the ASIO drivers). Maybe by default it will only connect to a Maschine.

When saving a file, maybe it can allow you to type with the pads (the T9 patent has expired so there will be no issues using that). Maybe it can default all new projects to prefix the project name with the current date, and assigning some random words to make them unique, e.g. 2022-05-06_beach-pocket.mxprj.

I doubt this will ever happen, but just thought I'd put it out there ;)

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