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I seem to get find in some sampling modes I only see displayed measures and others times I only get time. This is really infuriating since I would like to see both simultaneously. I understand that if you truncate a sample it's relative measure has changed but since it's pretty easy to calculate the measure based on BPM it would be damn helpful to have measure and time displayed. This is common practice in every DAW. This should be here too. Am I missing some setting.



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    Only the Audio Plugin shows measures, the Sampler always shows time-length, I'm guessing it's because unlike the Sampler the Audio-Plug knows the length in bars of the audio and even if you pitch it up/down it remains the same because it has real-time time-stretch while and on the Sampler the measures change with pitch... 🤷‍♂️

    Personally, I would still also love to see the measures in the Sampler even if completely disconnected from any pitching, it's just something helpful to have for someone who samples a lot.

    If I really need a visual measure badly for some reason I dupe the sample, switch the dupe from Sampler to Audio-Plug, and select between the two fast to get the visual reference, of course very far from ideal but can help in some scenarios like setting start/end points, won't be super accurate tho.

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