[Figured it out!] Help activating/installing toybox free pack

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I was confusing user blocks for the free pack, all set!

Hey all - trying to use blocks from toybox freepack and getting the following errors. Anyone know how to fix (readme says dont need to activate thru Native Access, but the blocks get blued" out and I cant use them in Reaktor) Thx!



  • Nico_NI
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    Hey @Moonbot7000, glad to see you solved the issue. Do you mind sharing the trick?

  • Moonbot7000
    Moonbot7000 Member Posts: 61 Member

    Yes, they have two different sets of blocks that I was confusing. "User Blocks" and "Free Pack". The "Free Pack goes through Native access, the "User blocks" Pack is a direct download and does not need to go through Native Access.

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