Adding a Daw Controller to my gear, recommendations?

Mixmaster K
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I am thinking about adding a Daw Controller to my gear, any Suggestions or can it even be done......I have been looking online for help with it, I am considering the PreSonus FaderPort 16 16-channel Production Controller



  • JesterMgee
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    May want to detail something about your setup, probably the first obvious detail would be which DAW?? Also, you have gear already, what applicable gear that has control of anything already (if any)? Also, what OS and can also help to know what kind of workflow you have needs for (mixing vocals, general production, live work etc...)

    Also when you say "DAW Controller" what exactly do you want to control? Fader port is one option, so would an Alphatrack, MCU, Qcon, Behringer X-Touch, Komplete Kontrol S Series, Ableton Puch (if on Ableton).

    Lots of options with lots of different levels of control wither "automatic" using Control Surface scripts or generic "MCU" based comms or custom integration (depending on the DAW) via MIDI learning or custom scripts.

  • Mixmaster K
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    I like making my music in Maschine Studio, I have Ableton Live but I prefer to use the Controller with Maschine which is my question. I want to control my faders and my overall mix without using a keyboard and a mouse. I have not purchased any Daw Controller yet, I wanted to get some information to see if a Daw Controller can work with Maschine and which Daw Controller do you suggest.

    OS- Windows 10

    CPU- HP i7

    Machine ver. 2.15.1

  • olafmol
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    This is a question I’ve asked, but with Maschine it is not possible to use a midi controller to control the mixer settings (without doing all kinds of hacky things at least).

    your best option is to find a second hand Maschine Jam, as this is developed for Maschine and also can control the mixer. It only has touch strips though, not “real” faders.

  • JesterMgee
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    Ah, yeah I don't use Maschine much and I simply use the Maschine Studio controller to mess around with. I use Ableton Live with Push but also have a Mackie MCU specifically for controlling the mixer. Used it for almost 15 years now and is reliable and useful tho I used an alphatrack (similar to the faderport) years and years ago which was pretty neat but having only 1 fader became a bit of a hassle when you have to tab through tracks just to get to the fader.

    I'd end up just using the mouse most of the time until I had access to multiple faders which now works perfectly for my needs, good because you don't have to look (you can operate based on feel) and unlike encoders, faders give you much more control and quick overview of level settings at a glance. If you migrate into a DAW i'd seriously suggest looking at a control surface mixer like the MCU or Behringer X-Touch

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