Does Komplete 13 work with Maschine +

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Hi , I'm sure this is asked a lot - im considering upgrading from my Maschine mk3 to

a macshine +

does anyone know - if my KOMPLETE 13 will work with the unit and expansion packs ive bought?

it seems a bit unclear from the videos I've watched



  • Peter Harris
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    If you don't need to be standalone and you like the MK3 workflow I'm afraid it's not really going to feel like an upgrade. Your expansions will all work fine but M+ only has a small subset of Komplete instruments.

  • converted
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    I see so it still has its own version of Maschine + synths/app - rather than compatible with existing bundles - ermm -

    shame - I guess it will update tho ?- but will we have to re-buy things for it to work??

  • Peter Harris
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    I don't think you will need to rebuy anything. When you are connected to a computer it will be exactly like your MK3 with access to everything you have licensed through K13.

  • olafmol
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    What would be the reason to upgrade from mk3 to plus? Basically it’s a big step back regarding supported synths and fx on plus, with the only advantage stand-alone (still needs power, no battery). So the standalone thing needs to be a very important aspect for you. Just saying.

  • Space Cat 303
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    it all depends on your needs and the use you want, now you can make your own synthesizer sounds with M+ and the autosampler, I've never felt cramped on this Maschine, for me the only thing missing is M+ it's not having a view of the automation curves. But I couldn't replace the M+ with an MK3, it would be too restrictive for me, no longer making music in almost any place (at work, on the train, on vacation by the pool.. .) an M+, a battery, and headphones, it's great. Besides, I can't do that on compositions where I use a TD3 or TB3 ... unless I sample the patterns in the M+

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