Kontrol S4 MK3 Haptic TT Issues



  • djrichy5
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    @Kaiwan_NI I'm glad I found a temporary fix. Thank you for responding!

  • Johnny.Deuxx
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    @Kaiwan_NI Thank you for the information. When can we expect an updated version of the controller editor then? As the work around is all nice and good, but the fix shouldn't be to point users to an old version of a software, rather than fixing the issue at hand asap with little more than just stating that the responsible team is aware and working on it. It has been over two weeks since this statement.

  • Seb H
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    Bonjour a tous

    j'avais le même problème et j'ai réinitialisé le PC.

    Réinstallé Traktor et driver

    cela refonctionne normalement

    si cela peut aider

  • Ginto
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    Hi, I can confirm too, my wheels drift when I was scratching. But your solution fixed the issue, thanks a lot !!

  • Blajke
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    Hey guys, been mixing on this controller for a few years, yesterday i was doing my session as i normally do, and when i was commin up to a transitional drop i backspined the first track and the second track backspinned as well but in a chaotic manner, I had a problem with updating to the new traktor prior to this, so i saw a thread and somehow made it install, everything was great, but i dont know whats the problem. This is the first time this happened to me, i cant downgrade the controller edtor i unninstalled the editor and traktor, 2 days ago i installed some product from the native access i.e kontakt,reaktor etc.(i was curious and was trying to get into making sounds and those kinds of things) i uninstalled them all and the problem is still there, if you want i can put a video on this thread so you guys can see. Quite frankly even though im used to mixing with TT because i can beatmatch the track easier ,it's not a problem, when i activate TT on one and on the other one is on JOG, it's cool, like nothing happened, but as soon as i activate the second TT the problem is there. Hope you guys can fix it (i really hope it's the software lol), ever since i got the controller my djing experience was a blast and i love the controller, keep up the good work hope you get back as soon as possible. I would like to say once again the controller is 4 years old so little dust particles can be seen in the jog wheels but it was there all along so i really don't think it's the problem, just dust nothing else. ✌️

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Blajke a workaround for the time being is to installing Controller Editor 2.6.2. If you need a download link, you can get in touch with our support team here: https://bit.ly/n1trakt

  • prtyrck
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    Controller Editor update 2.7.6 resolved the issue!

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