Maschine CPU Performance (here we go again)

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Is Maschine's CPU usage at 100% planned to be developed? (hyperthreading if I'm right)

I use this software because that's the one I feel confortable with, got my habits, love the interface, use it to create entire songs, but a lot of times I get stucked by CPU usage at 50%...

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    Try GPU audio

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    From what I heard and seen gpu audio is an amazing project but as it is planned as of now I am not sure it is relevant at all here.

    Though from what’s been tested, having a good gpu increases Maschine ´s capabilities since all software and plugins gui processing needs are handled by gpu. Gpu audio might expand this further allowing to use bundled plugins working from gpu exclusively increasing the amount of plugins you can use or spread the workloads more evenly. Looks like they plan to release very nice reverbs

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    Planned? Most likely but that does not mean it will happen soon. If NI didn't manage to make Maschine more resource-efficient for the M+ then it's probably not around the corner, it's been 2 years since the M+ and IMHO there's a reason they didn't pick a CPU for it with hyperthreading.

    Usage % is hard to judge, at low buffer sizes you run into issues way before you hit 100% usage, then there's what kind of interface you use, how optimized are it's drivers, even if you have a GPU or not makes a difference in audio performance.

    If you feel like you don't have enough performance at the buffer size you want to work in your best choice is to upgrade your computer rather than waiting for something that might never come, or come in 2026. You could also invest in an interface with it's own DSP processing like a UAD Apollo or similar.

    The only other option is to split your production and mixing process, mixing does not require a low buffer, mixing engineers often use huge buffer sizes.

    GPU-Audio requires that you use their plugins, it's also only available for Windows and NVIDIA GPU's for now (afaik, AMD coming soon?), if you use those 2 give you can give it a try but I don't think they have many plugs out yet. Committing to something in Alpha/Beta is also not for everyone.

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    Maybe that because of code/algorithm reworking because of Apple Silicon and new Intel's (big.little) and also AMD CPU that may come in 2023/24 (big.little), NI allows CPU's run at full strenght.....

    Maschine uses hyperthreading, at least on Windows, but in very strange way, so that only half of possible computing power is used....

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