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"General request for the beta ideas section, or the possibility of adding it in the same style in the Traktor Forum"

In order not to violate the rules of the Beta Ideas section, I would like to suggest that certain topics from the Forum can be integrated here or bring something like this Beata Ideas feature to the Traktor Forum. I think it's too difficult for some themes when they can only be found via the # Feature Request tags to stay afloat.

By that I also mean the opportunity to respond to better integration requests from third-party manufacturers (e.g. keyword HID integration) and, if necessary, to receive direct feedback or to get in touch with your developers and co. on these topics, to be able to discuss them.

It has often been asked to disclose the results of the annual surveys. So would you have the possibility to circumvent this wish and still create your own overview for the community and integrate this point skillfully for the future development of Traktor.

For me as a professional something like that would be very useful if I know whether certain features could be integrated or prioritized as well or not.

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    Thanks for the feedback - we'll discuss this with the team to see how we can improve the process.

    We're going to share more information about the Beta Idea section quite soon too.

    I'm closing this for now since it's not really a request for the application itself.

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