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Any experienced drummers on here using midi out on their electronic kits to play in the maschine ecosystem??? I am a percussionist firstly, and would like to add maschine to my drum kit and make a hybrid type situation in a couple of groups I play with. Being able to jump up from the kit and play pads and add grooves to our songs is most intriguing to me. Looping live from the drumkit would be ideal. Please tell me about your personal experiences with this side of the Maschine. Cheers!



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    I don't own a midi drum kit, but you can midi learn all Kontakt drum kits then dlsave them. You can trigger loops also as synced one shots, you have to prepare that and then the tempo is fixed of course. With the option, to route midi to the pad in focus, you can quickly change kits or to other instruments if you need it by pressing select + the corresponding pad. You can even pin the select function so you could quickly use a stick to select a pad, change the kit and keep playing. 16 pads per group and lots of groups, if you need more than 16 kits or instruments you can switch the group and so on. If you want to jump up and play the kit with the pads, you just press pad mode, set it to keyboard before, and you should be ready to go. It could be useful if you can change the midi notes on the kit. But it not necessarily. Then you maybe have to switch the group to play on the pads. Let's say you make 2 groups /16 pads each to play from your drumkit and use 6 groups to play on the pads.


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