iMaschine 2: Feature requests.

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I have recently purchased iMaschine 2, i like it. It is basically a very toned down software version of the hardware controller.

What I would really like to see though, is the introduction of smart instruments as present in Garageband ( ...Oops didn't mean to promote Apple), but just think about it.

Garageband like functionality with the ability to share your beats with your Maschine 2 software will make iMaschine a perfect piece of companion software to the hardware.

The maschine ecosystem will be able take a huge leap forward.It will be killer!


  • Tony Jones
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    It seems iMaschine is not a priority for NI, so don’t expect this any time soon. I’m still waiting fir Apple to port these to Logic!

  • GoliatGar
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    The product hasn't received any updates since I've purchased it like 5 years ago (the latest one is from 2019 only to make it work on iOS 13).

    Hence, don't expect anything there, as the product seems to be abandoned.

    Something basic that it's lacking is note play, so you could grab a sample and put it in a piano roll (like any basic sampler, Koala?),

  • cl3an!
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    If NI is really clever then they would make this a priority as it would attract a whole new market to the Maschine ecosystem. Not all of us are full time musicians, so imagine that you are out and about and an idea comes to mind, iMaschine will make it possible for you to quickly capture that idea for further processing later on in the Maschine 2 software.

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    Use Beatmaker 3 or Nanostudio 2, both are comparable and in some cases more powerful than the desktop Maschine (Notably Beatmakers sampler is vastly superior, and the synth in Nanostudio 2 is up with Massive in sound, and ahead in usability) they are great companion apps for Maschine users.

  • Flexi
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    What they agree with, and what they are allowed to do under the new ownership is anybodys guess, nothing is clear right now.

  • Leane
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    Hello everyone.

    I have a few simple and less simple feature requests / ideas for iMaschine 2 and want to throw in my 2 cents over here :)

    1. VERY SIMPLE ONE: I would love to be able to set scenelength independently and without regard for pattern length. Which would be so practical.
    2. Considering this it would be prudent to make it possible to set each track to either “run through” or “start fresh” in terms of pattern clock. Or alternatively being able to offset pattern start positively and negatively.
    3. Simple Midi Editor for keyboard groups To make adjustments or corrections.
    4. Adjustment curves for mixer, MIDI functions and effects per scene and track.
    5. and when I think about that - it would be great to have one effects rack with two effects per track.
    6. and while we are at it: easy access to effects not over the dedicated mixer Tab, but via buttons directly under the respective group buttons. (Maybe even have a “quick x-y pad” pop up at button hold.)

    thanks for your attention and have a beautiful day.



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