Internal mixer and loop creation

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Is it possible to suggest new features for future updates, or will this thread just get flamed to hell?

Here goes anyway:

I would like access to the internal mixer with only one deck displayed. This would be really handy while syphoning tracks, as I like to disconnect my laptop from my mixer and go through tracks in a comfy chair, and I just discovered that there isn't any way to bring up the internal mixer without also bringing up a second deck which makes the whole display really cluttered. It would be handy to have quick access to the snap on and off easily and quickly without having to switch between different views. Make sense? good.

Secondly, a question: is there a way to create loops without a click every time the loop resents? This is usually not a problem, as 99% of loops are of bars, but I want to loop tones, effectively creating solid endless tones. I haven't tried to do this within the machine software, yet, that is the next step. But I would really like to be able to do this in Traktor for reasons.

Second suggestion: would it be possible to set up a loop so that the in point of the loop is open, but the end is closed. In other words if the song is backspun beyond the beginning of the loop the track will keep rewinding beyond the loop, but if the loop is played forwards it will continue to loop the loop, if you will. This would have so many amazing functions for both scratching and beat juggling that it makes me tingle a little.



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