How to chain MK3 Mikro to Synths?

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I have a MK3 Mikro that I run through my laptop. My friend has a bunch of synths and typically I just go from the headphone jack in my laptop to a the mixer his synths run into. But I'd like to be chained to the synths so the tempos are synced up and I can use note repeat.

Someone recommended following the instructions in this video

but the Mikro dosent have midi ports. So would I use a 1/4" to 5 pin midi cord like this?

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    Like you said, the Mikro does not have midi ports (or any input besides USB), so that will not work (not quite sure where you expected to plug it in on the Mikro 🤔). You could get a USB/Midiport interface like one of these and then route the output of the Maschine software to the synths. Then you could set Maschine to Send or Receive Midi clock from the synths. : midi interface

    Note that you cannot plug the adapter directly into the Mikro and would need to go through the computer.

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    I was planning on running the 1/4" to 5 pin Midi cord from the headphone jack on my laptop to the synths (would that work?). But this seems like a more elegant solution. Thanks

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    1. That's a 1/8" jack, not 1/4"
    2. No. It won't work. Some newer synths have 1/8" midi jacks. It doesn't go into a headphone jack Buy a midi interface. You can get cheap usb > midi adapters or spend a bit more and get a midi interface that will likely last forever
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    My bad, I meant 1/8", but I'm a ding-a-ling.

    I just ordered this midi adapter

    But it's still not working.

    I changed the prefrences for MIDI to send clock and selected the input to the MK3 and output to midi interface, connected to a Moog minitaur bass synth via the usb to midi adaptor and the MK3 doesnt control the moog and the audio for the MK3 only plays on the laptop speakers not the speakers the moog is connected to.

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