Any Way to Deregister and Reregister Hardware?

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Good morning. I recently bought a used Mikro MK3. It’s in fantastic shape and I’ve waited so long to get one and dive in. Unfortunately though, the previous owner didn’t deregister it and therefore I can’t get past the Native Access serial registration point. The seller is definitely not communicating and I’ve already purchased the device… I’m really hoping I didn’t get duped and now I’m stuck with a brick…

I’ve already reached out to the NI support team, but it’s been days and no response yet. I’m just really itching to try out some ideas. Any help would be massively helpful and very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,



  • Tony Stubbings
    Tony Stubbings Member Posts: 21 Member

    This concerns me, in regards to buying used NI hardware.

    Currently scouting for a used S49/61

    Be interested to see how NI deal with it!

  • Ryan_NI
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    edited June 2022

    Hey @wolfinthewall - sorry to hear you've been dealing with this! I've looked into your ticket, and it looks like we have responded to you yesterday - could you double-check your email?

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