Loop recorder swings out of control

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Every now and then I try the loop recorder and find it putting the whole traktor into a gallup. There must be something wrong with the settings, although I would have thought I tried everything. I would appreciate comments on which ones are missing and which ones are obsolete.

  • snap, quantize on
  • all decks in sync, both settings and by ear
  • remix deck quantize set to 4 beats
  • ignore rec. latency because it is from internal source - other decks

Multiple issues here: sometimes starts smearing heavily even while still in looper, but sometimes it gets even worse.

Also, when dragged into remix deck, there is no way to get it to start in sync with the rest of decks still playing, no changes in-between.

No rules here. I remember checking some 10 years ago, and it was the same. As I looked then the youtube lessons were done with non-transient content. There is a similar issue in ableton, with stuff recorded with onboard looper. The loop once dragged out of the looper often shows 4x4 kicks heavily delayed, but while still in the looper, at least it plays back accurately.

Please help.



  • Ryan_NI
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    hey @WarriorLite - sorry to hear you're dealing with this! It sounds like a rather strange situation, and maybe it's best that we move this to a support ticket where we can take a closer look.

    You'll receive an email with details for the support request soon. It would be great to get a video of the issue, if possible! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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