What are the best in Komplete 12 Ultimate to use for mixing and mastering?

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I'm using Bandlab Sonar but I see some things in the Komplete I could use. Any suggestions?


  • Murat Kayi
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    Actually, there is not limitless abundance of FX in Komplete, but the ones which are there are awesome!

    The solid series is just that. Rock solid. Give them a try first. Then play around with the vintage compressors and the more special EQs like from the tube series.

    Also I make frequent use of transient master, not only for percussive sounds!

    From a more creative point of view, there is much too much to point out, it depends on what you are trying to do. Driver is often overlooked, I find, it can do wonderful things. Molekular is a very powerful tool for changing the soundscape of your mix.

    Finally a reminder: Guitar Rig 6 hides an FX powerhouse in plain sight. Open it. Play with it. Understand the container and signal paths. Reflektor is in there, and only there, as is the set of DJ FX.

    (Btw, you capslock is on, that reads AS IF YOU ARE SHOUTING)

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    Hi 👋

    I only own the standard version but it already offers the essentials! 

    As Murat Kati said, Guitar Rig makes a perfect effects rack in addition to offering effects, eq or compressors from the ultimate version such as Premium Tube Series or Vintage Compressors, Reflektor..

    I use a lot the Solid Series too, Replika XT and Supercharger GT (which I bought separately but I guess these are in Guitar Rig 6 now). Raum, Dirt and Driver are very very capable too

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    "but I guess these are in Guitar Rig 6, now"

    There's so much in there! As a matter of fact, I was a bit miffed when I saw that the Komplete Ultimate stuff was in there, too, lol.

    Great that you mention supercharger! I forgot to include that - I used it in everything from drums to acoustic guitars

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