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  • Galacticelastic
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    My set up great to see yours also

    Way to go

  • hi-d-ho-man
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    Visiting my my daughter and grandkids out of state for a week in an Airbnb. It

    has a grarage converted to a living space. It was gonna end up unused so i said why not.

  • Matt_NI
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    Reminds me of the video of Herbie Hancock showing this to Quincy Jones

  • F1308
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    Could you list the loudspeakers used, please ?

    I am upgrading and would love a little help from the pros.

    So far I have seen in your pictures some from Genelec, Yamaha and KRK...

    Thank you.


    I am moving from this to this.

    Home, sweet home.

    The sound is astounding, yesterday I made a little song with harpsichords, choirs, bells and wind gusts and I almost got frostbitten, or so I thought as I played.


    Definitiveve Technology Mythos ST.

    Roland Fantom 8 on System X, Tilted 5 degrees, with chocks, for a better screen view and keys at 28 1/8" (71,5 cm) from floor.



    Topping PA5, a little inexpensive power amplifier getting top ratings, SINAD above 105 dB... https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/topping-pa5-review-amplifier.28512/

    Boxes are solid wood, pine and bamboo !!!! , helping the acoustics of the room towards the good side.

    Laptop is from eMachines, 99$, that plays back very well thanks to Windows XP !!!!

    Headphones not seen, but are Parrot Zik, used only at night when inspiration comes and the family is dreaming in bed.

    Planning now to adding software, just started my search...Sonuscore...Komplete 13..14 ...

    See that empty space there waiting for a huge stack of big screens !!!!


  • PK The DJ
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    Speakers from ADAM are also worth considering.

  • F1308
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    And HEDD...

    Type 20 Mk2 ?

  • F1308
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    Are you aware of the next wireless audio transmitter/receiver CME is working on ?

  • Nico_NI
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    Definitely solid quality monitors with a few affordable units, can recommend as well.

  • Rob Gee
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    Some nice setups in here, this is mine. I mainly work on drum & bass, 130-140bpm and ambient stuff when I actually get the time.

  • djadidai
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    Hey everyone! Here’s my setup! Some old gear some new gear, but sounds awesome. My place of peace!!

    Edit: dunno why all images uploaded upside down, but it is what it is!

  • F1308
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  • monika88
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    The office looks very clean, I hope you'll keep it that way and not go to a mass. 

  • djadidai
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    I clean the studio and all equipment once a week:) that’s why my stuff lasts. Hopefully.

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