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Help with registering my S4

8-Trak Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited June 2022 in Native Access

Hi all.

I bought an S4 kontroller with Komplete 10 ultimate recently second-hand. The seller told me neither was registered to him as he hadn't used Komplete and had barely touched the kontroller.

I sold Komplete 10 to someone and they have told me it actually is registered.

I went to the seller and he says he doesn't use Traktor anymore and hasnt got his ID, so I've been unable to register my S4 either as I've been unable to get the transfer ID.

Have had no luck with Native and have sent a few messages but nothing solid yet. The guy I sold Komplete 10 to is being very patient but I'd like to get it sorted ASAP.

Could anyone offer any advice or point me I right direction please?



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