komplete kontrol s88 mk2 sustain pedal compatiblity



  • NeonBlackCat
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    edited January 2022

    Hej there, glad I found this. I’m in the same boat with a Fatar VFP2-10 TRS, which I meticulously chose after considering the “what pedals work with my KK” page.

    Even tried to use a stereo splitter to feed it into A&B with only ever one pedal fully functional (checked the midi signals in a helper app). Sometimes the other one sends uncontrolled, continues stream of midi values even when not triggered. (only checked on S88, latest firmware)

    So either I haven’t found a combination of tip/ring + A&B (only A or B) setting, or double pedals with TRS aren’t support from Komplete Kontrol.

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