Komplete Kontrol s61 mk2 violet - transport not working

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I just bought Komplete Kontrol s61 mk2 violet and I've been trying to do some basic setup for several hours.

I'm using Ableton and FL Studio. Komplete Kontrol VST works on both DAWs and on both DAWs any of transport, mixer etc. buttons are not working. Some of buttons - play, rec, stop, loop, metro, tempo, auto, shift and mixer are highlighted imediately after starting Ableton but none of them works. They are causing nothing but midi signal on the meter.

I did everything, like in the instructions on official pages, dozens of times. I tried to find something on forums for example:


and I checked the files etc. Still not working.

Please help me find the solution, I bought it to play live concerts with my band, because my old midi keyboard starts to go bad, and now I have 2 keyboards not working properly.

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  • Brad Yost
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    Did you first launch Komplete Kontrol in standalone?

    If on a Windows platform, have you looked in Device Manager to confirm all the drivers are loading;

    Have you tried to set up the KK DAW in/out as a control surface using Mackie Machine Control emulation? (just to make sure that it works as a transport with your DAW)

  • JesterMgee
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    Screenshot of Ableton midi preferences?

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