Maschine Plus Audio track count in Stand-Alone mode?

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Has anyone recorded as many Audio clips into the Stand-Alone Maschine + to see what kind of track count it can handle? No FX, no other instruments enabled just to see what kind of use it would be as a multitrack (I know Maschine is only 1 stereo track record at a time).

*it would be great if Maschine were able to record more than one track at a time.



  • ozon
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    I haven’t tried that exactly, but I start getting crackles and CPU spikes when running about 8 Audio plugins loaded with Loops / Samples. It seems that the Audio plugin needs a lot of CPU to constantly adapt audio playback to the current tempo.

    This is probably independent of Clips or Patterns.

  • GBB
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    I have kinda same question but wondering

    Assuming M+ can't handle 8 audio plugins, How does it do with Sampler plugins? Maybe less cpu needed? Anyone tried this?

  • Andy Wt
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    I suppose number of audio tracks with Audio plugin can potentially be increased by setting 'Engine mode' to 'Stretch'. Other modes are too CPU-hungry to be used in more than one instance.

  • GBB
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    Thanks, Andy Wt.

    Do you know about Sampler plugins?

    These should be easier in cpu no?

  • Andy Wt
    Andy Wt Member Posts: 61 Helper

    Unfortunately i cant say anything certain here. Havent tried to do any benchmarks yet.

  • Flexi
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    M+ runs the demos from the factory library, most of them use a ridiculous amount of samplers.

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