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I own a Mac M1 with Monterey with an Audio 10 sound card, a PlayDifferently mixer and a Euroroack modular.

I've been following the instructions to get the send effects from the mixer fx loop to route through the Traktors send effect but I can never get Traktor to output any audio. The Audio 10 is showing there is an input signal and when I set the audio 10 to "through" mode I get sound going to the right return. It just gets stopped when I have it set up like the directions say it should be set up.

The live input is also silent.

When I open the audio/midi setup "audio window" all the channel volumes for the audio 10 are greyed out. I feel like this is causing the issue but nowhere can I find to get them to become normal.

It seems like the audio to just isn't letting audio through into traktor.

Everything else works flawlessly.

Does anyone have any advice?


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    I solved the issue.

    Under security and privacy, in the privacy section I had to enable Traktor to access the microphone.

    Then it all started working flawlessly.


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