Effects suddenly stays on

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Hi guys,

might be a stupid question but I didn't find/understand the manual.

So I use Maschine 2 standalone software for my live gigs. I load the songs on their own groups, and play them in a very simple style, usually having the whole song on one pad. I load a bunch of effects on the master channel, and use them on my tracks.

Now when I set the effects to zero after changing to another songs, I've noticed the effects stay on, even when I turned them off, but don't remove them from the master channel. In the end I have all the effects on for some reason, and everything sounds like ******.

So what am I doing wrong? Like I said, I have read the manual, so please no classic "read the manual, stupid" replys and things like that. :)



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    sorry do not understand clearly. Are you setting off the fxs and these keep being on? is it that?

    have you tried Bypassing them (SHIFT + button 8)?

    otherwise, you can add fxs to each group instead of the master channel, to avoid having a big mess

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