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  • Diam
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    Hi Mate. I cannot speak for other users, but this is the folder hierarchy on my system. I had to jiggle these around myself. I use the VST2 versions btw. Hope it helps.

  • lorenzothegeek
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    Found the issue, I have exported presets myself for VintageVerb out of Preset Magician. However in PM the vendor name is "Valhalla DSP, LLC", so all presets were tagged using this vendor, and for some reason KK doesn't find the image: tried "Valhalla DSP LLC" (with one space), and "Valhalla DSP LLC" (with the coma replaced by a space), but it didn't work. Maybe it would be stripped and anything after the coma gets removed, but now it's OK using the files from the commmon repo here, thanks !

  • Kymeia
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    Yes if you check the Valhalla NKS in the NKS user library you will see I deleted the .lcc from the company name in the NKS files for that very reason

  • Diam
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    Yes, you are right. I remember having to resave one or two, editing that vendor name to get them to match up.

  • JesterMgee
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    Air Music Jura & Mini D NKS Library

    Libraries are available with both VST2 and VST3 versions with full tagging and control mapping.

  • Vagus
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    Great news- I've just received the NFR licenses from Beatskillz, although they're locked to an account, so I'll have to do each of them. I'm happy to do so.

    I'm out at a client on Tuesday, but I'll get started on these for you on Wednesday, Juho!

  • lorenzothegeek
    lorenzothegeek Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    One or two I can understand that, but how would you deal with the case of big preset lists ? You surely won't do them one by one ? Same for controller setup, they are done per preset, how do you apply them to all presets from a given plugin ? Directly editing the nksf files seems a bit tricky as the RIFF format it's made of has a length tag so it's not only a matter of replacing or inserting a few bytes here and there :/ Best workaround I've found is importing controller stuff to preset magician, and reexporting presets with it, but that's where you end up with the vendor naming issue I came initially here for lol.

    BTW, I noticed that the knobs assigments for Valhalla are screwed up on my S61, they display japanese characters, and there's nothing in the preset itself, hence my question above...


  • Kymeia
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    edited June 13

    You can edit Company name retrospectively for all presets at once (just select all with cmd A), or as I do normally, just in the original template then that is applied to all NKS subsequently saved from that. For controller setup I make sure the template is setup right before saving out NKS patches as a rule.

    Be sure you are using the right version - there is one for VST2 and one for VST3 - params don't match up if you use the wrong one

  • Diam
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    Yep. Edit them all at once as user presets and then just replace the files in the factory folder.

  • Juho Tuomainen
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    Vagus, Thanks a lot on your information! I am looking forward to seeing the .nksf files on both the HALO 2 and the BeatSkillz products even though (I realised) that the BeatSkillz ones are more important for me right now. I also contacted BeatSkillz's customer support and a customer representative answered that they had added the content to the proper user account, so luckily the things will start moving now gradually but steadily forward!

    Kind regards,

    Juho Tuomainen

  • Christos Adamos
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    Also i have started to convert HALO-2 to NKS (Dan is a very helpful guy and send me the NFR version)

    Hope until the end of the week It will be ready

  • lorenzothegeek
    lorenzothegeek Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    Hem, no matter what I do, plugins images won'y show anywhere, I've tried with spire and finally got back to community made one (which doesn't work for preset magician exported presets).

    Now I'm struggling with one of my own plugins which name contains a space, I'bve tried the md5 hack:

    plugin name is : "FrankenVerb VST" and "FrankenVerb VST3",

    so I hashed both as they're written above (tested both VST2 and VST3 just in case), and got this:




    Named dist_database subfolders and meta files with these identifiers, same for image folders.

    Still no image anywhere, though the nks file (directly created in Kontrol) load properly.

    I must have done something wrong but can't figure out what :/

    Note I'm running macOS

    Any advice appreciated :p

  • Kymeia
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    edited June 15

    Spire is probably not the best one to test this with as it has always been one of the hardest to setup reliable images folders for and they also kept changing the plugin name

    Spaces are not normally a problem though anyway - lots of working NKS templates with plugins with spaces - it's things like developer name having a .com or unusual characters in the filename that cause problems as a rule

    Can you dm me a demo of it and I can give it a try?

  • Sunborn
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    remove any nonsense number, such as _027f2d8b5da9112a48555baa0083c2f6 from everywhere (dist_database and image subfolders and all meta files) and keep only the real name!

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