I get weird audio artifacts when using the NI pianos

tilogo Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

So basically I get a weird audio artifact and the piano sustain breaks when exporting tracks with the NI pianos (Noir, Maverick, Grandeur etc.). This does not occur with any other instrument except the pianos.

Has anyone encountered this issue before and knows how to solve it? Here's an example:


  • BIF
    BIF Member Posts: 726 Pro

    I listened to your sample. The first time through, I heard some minor crackling, but the second time through, that wasn't there.

    I didn't hear a "break in the sustain", unless I just don't know what I should be listening for.

    Sorry; I wish I could help.

  • tilogo
    tilogo Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    @BIF I can send you some more stuff with more intense artifacts and sustain breaks, that was just a thing I was working on more recently. I don't know what causes this but reinstalling the vst did not help unfortunately…

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