iZotope RX10: Suddenly I can't save anymore

decurtins Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

"The current file could not be reopened after saving.
Please try to open it again manually. (0x%1)"

"RX failed to write metadata to the saved file."

Reinstalled RX and gave it all the file-rights in Mac OS… to no avail. What can be done? Has anybody encountered this error?

Thanks for helping out!


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  • decurtins
    decurtins Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    Answer ✓

    The problem may have been caused by Logic writing (Headerless?) .aif files.

    I solved it by "converting" all .aif files with media human converter leaving original samplerate and bit-depth.

    Problem keeps popping up randomly. Don't know why. Anybody else also experienced this?


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